Arch made EASY – Manjaro Linux vs EndeavourOS

Hey n00bs!

I know you’re unbelievably curious. And you wanna be one of the kool kidz, right? But no, I beg you pleeze hold your horses! Despite the proven fact that Manjaro really makes Arch as easy as humanly possible and after a while on Manjaro you can upgrade yourself to EOS, no, don’t try non of them as your first gateway drug into serious Linux addiction. For that we have Linux Mint, an unbelievably kool distro. Also unbelievably useful as a production environment. So fukn stick with it until you know the ropes and know what you’re doing kinda.

Of course you can operate Mint in a painting-by-numbers fashion, but once you’re in the Arch-ish world this won’t werk for you anymore. You don’t need to be a geek, not even a nerd but a robust knowledge of your toolset is needed indeed. True, in day to day operation Manjaro isn’t much different from Mint (if you’re using the same desktop environment) but under the hood there are important differences.

Anyhoo, looksee this brandspanking new video and then see if you’re up to it:

We take a look at the key differences between Manjaro Linux and EndeavourOS. Two Arch based Linux distributions.

00:00 – Similarities
01:00 – Installation
02:30 – System Tools
06:37 – Update Frequency
07:27 – Appearance

Manjaro After Install:
EndeavourOS After Install:

Not konfuzzled yet? Ok, then go to, download your ISO, install it – it’s really easy – and a couple minutes later all the poor Ubuntu and Debian users will appear like anime girls to you. πŸ™‚ Not sayin’ that y’all look like anime girls in my eyes, just sayin’ …

MacBook, you serious?

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