WTF Microsoft?

Read this and weep.

Maybe I was fast asleep the last couple years but since when are internet browsers predominantly consumer tools, made for consumers, to help them consume easier?

And then the way MS implements its nonsense functionality. They do it this way in order to “trying to differentiate Edge from its competitors”. Huh? And you want me to applaud you for that? Do you also have a function that just let’s me browse the internet? Without intent to buy anything? Say, something that lets me read critical political sites, Orca’s bloggy, or GNU/Linux forums, or just about anything that doesn’t try to sell me shit?

Talking about Linux … you know you surely can’t wait to get away from Windows now, can you? Well, do I have just the right solution for you: Welcome to the fair side. And it won’t cost you a single cent! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Good to hear. So it’s like in the old times with IE. The best browser to install Firefox from. ๐Ÿ™‚ Why are they making such a hulllaballoo about that crap then?


      • I really don’t know. I’m not on Win11 but my guess is that the initial release made it very difficult for users to change the default browser. But no one in their right mind installs initial releases of Windows! I’m still running 8.1 on my personal computers.

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  1. Microshaft lost it’s way so long ago I barely remember that career with anything but contempt now. What pisses me off the most was how Microsoft products were pushed so heavily onto us in college as the one professional platform. Colleges need to get away from that terrible batch of evil chronies. Every new iteration and platform introduction is even worse than the last. I hate everything that company does now. I used to just loath it, but now I absolutely hate them. Windows 11 Desktop is a copy of Zorin OS Desktop. I find it hilarious that people try to spin it otherwise. Also Zorin, way way better system in place. Microsoft has insured absolutely without a doubt the hardware upgrades are wasted on it.It hogs and wastes every resource doing crap nobody in their right mind could ever want their equipment to do. They have a total piece of shit mentality of contempt for it’s user base. They make absoluteluy sure any intellectual property a person has with it is completely hostage to new upgrades, new licenses, new training… I really haven’t seen anything improve significant since 2003 Office Suite. Been all downhill and more expensive and resource hogging garbage ever since.

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    • Absofrigginlutely! I cannot believe that so many idiots are still using Windows. There is no need for that but lazyness and unwillingness to do the right thing. Another form of massformation, of mass hypnosis. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Humans are stupid and proud of it. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      May I quote your letter for an article in my blog, please?

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