Corona Diary: Day 619

Feeling not happy? I’d like to get you an ice cream but … you know …

Gud moarning phreedum fighters!

Here, let me present to you a case of total human failure:

I know you youngsters wanna party. Of course you do. Buuuut just because Orca said you mustn’t crap your panties coz of Covid, doesn’t mean you necessarily need to go out and rub skin with thousands of strangers either! Have you forgotten that just a year ago we called happenings like the Ballito Rage SUPERSPREADER EVENTS? And logically they were banned by gov’mt.

What makes you think has changed in the meantime? You was jabbed? Think you’re invincible now? Fire dept is on the scene, so you immediately jump into the next campfire? And then you wonder about the Ouch? IDIOT!

You gotta understand kidz, that govt is made up of people. They are no Marvel superheroes but just weak, greedy, stupid people. Politicians, totally not trustworthy the lot of ’em. So when govmt said they would allow the Rage it wasn’t because it was save to do so but obviously some politician was bribed. Capisce?

And now the hit shits the fan! 😮

In other news: Reuters does statistics again … or IOL deems it necessary to publish the stats. Which is good I guess:

Hmmm, strange. Isn’t South Africa the bad kid on the block right now, and Germany and UK have put us on the travel ban list? I see both countries featuring quite prominently in the statistics – South Africa is nowhere to be seen.

Not saying that we don’t have rising numbers, not denying that we are in the 4th wave. But compared to our European and ex-European ex-colonial overlords it isn’t anywhere near as dramatic and terrible as they want us to believe.

Wrong world? Or is our good world just in the wrong hands?

It’s again just a proof for their own incompetence. Showing fingers on other countries to deflect from their own mistakes. I kinda don’t like people in general anymore. :/

Perspective, people! Cause and effect. Observe and react. And protect yourself!



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