On reaching fifteen in Second Life

SL’s grand old dame of blogging, and personal idol of mine, Inara Pey turns 15 today! I never met her in world but she still has me reading her blog each and every day. My congratulations, hun. xoxo

Oh, rezdate of 2006-12-05 makes her only 1 month older than me. But every time when I try to calculate my age I come to the conclusion that I’ll become 14 in January, not 15. Well, since Inara is certifiably more smarterer than me, hey, we’ll both be 15. Really wise old teenage ladies, no?

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Yup fifteen years as Inara Pey; I’m pretty sure that in SL terms, that officially make me a OAP – where can I claim my pension? 🙂 .

Usually I try to write something on the occasion my rezday, but this year I really don’t have a lot more to say than I noted in 2020, I continue to log in (pretty much daily), I’m still blogging – and appreciative of all who read my ramblings and take the time to offer comments / feedback. I’m still enjoying kitbashing, building, landscaping, exploring et al. So really, not that much has changed in the last year :).

Sadly, unlike many others this year, I don’t have any stats from Linden Lab that I can share about my on-line times, etc., (not that I set much stock by such things as they always seem to have an air of elitism about them…

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