Corona Diary: Day 618

German edition in my blog today:

The federal gov’t of Germany sees no necessity to support more ICU capacities. Almost 1,000 less beds … in the middle of a global – and totally fatal – pandemic! No reason to support more capacities? Well, then I see no reason to support Phizer and J&J and get vaccinated neither.

But wait! There’s more …

While in German media outlets it’s The End Of The World, leading South African virologists rate the Omicron variant as mild/extremely mild. What is Europe’s democratic posterchild trying to sell to its population? Wanna test how fast they can turn the people into little fascist lickspittles again? Repeat 1933?

With every passing day I’m more and more happy to dwell here in a pretty unfathomed South Africa. Here people get vaxxed … or not. The gov’t tries to jab all of us but there is no political pressure, no witch hunts, no zealotry. Everybody’s wearing their masks but nobody’s even talking about Covid. Maybe the word’s gotten out that it’s best, when you have no clue and no info, to just shut up. Seems most people here are living by that credo.

I hope you guys, wherever you are, don’t do too badly neither. Just take care you won’t get infected by the much more dangerous virus of panic. Peepel, by now, even if you catch the new Omicron variant, no matter where it comes from, there will be no bad consequences. The doc will prescribe you some flu medicine and you’ll be back in action after a couple days.

cya laterz


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