Corona Diary: Day 617

Ohayo, Mahalo and Grüß Gott fellow amateur virologists

The virus of international provenience and choice slowly comes to an end but did the world get any more rational because of it?

As I often say, the blanket of civilisation is wearing thin in our modern societies. Haven’t you learned anything since 1945? Our western govts have severely failed during the last 18 months and you’re still so eager to please the authorities and damn every non-vaxxed thinking person to hell and exclude them from daily life. Doesn’t even matter when they are totally healthy and all the emergency hospital beds are empty af.

Shame on you fux!

Neil Clark calls it what it is:

How quick they forget. 😦 If it goes on like this I can already imagine us asking for political asylum in South Africa. That would be a dramatic step, right? Almost a bit of a shame that we have Permanent Residency status already. 😉

And a story typical for South Africa:

But no, we have officially entered the 4th wave!

Health Minister Dr Joe Phaahla has called on South Africans to avoid large gatherings. He was addressing the media earlier, where he confirmed that the country has officially entered the fourth wave of infections.

So, let me try to wrap my head around that. Western Cape province isn’t in the 4th wave but the country is? Huh? Okaaayyyyy, so that’s why all the poor unemployed but infected people are streaming in?

Have a spectacular weekend everybody and see ya laterz


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