Popular Putin! :)

Stupid question, really. The Russians just wanna be good friends and more reliable business partners than the Americans. But, granted, yes, Putin is a killer! He kills Biden with kindness, righteousness and undefeatable logic … and facts. And if he prepares for war it’ll be a defensive war. Let’s not forget that.

ervin omeri



Antwort an @NinaByzantina

sex sells. putin sells more Zwinkerndes Gesicht

They fear us so badly when we aren’t even half the demons they claim us to be, but we can be, just ask the Germans and German Collaborators >:D

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  1. Sorry guys, WordPress and Twitter seem to be fighting each other today. Since hours I’m trying to untangle the phukkered layout of this specific post, even rebooted my computer a couple times, he just won’t let me delete, correct and edit stuff in this post. Won’t even show a thumbnail photo on the title page. 😦

    And since today’s planned Corona Diary demands a helluvalot more edting werk, I guess Imma gonna wait some more hours before werking on that.


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