Corona Diary: Day 615

Moment please. Hold on … 615??? The phuk? On day 1, who would’ve thought the crisis would even go on for any longer than, say, 100 days or so? That’s not normal. I find it very suspicious.

Anyhoo, goeie moere mense, and welcome to today’s diary of bullshittery …

Whoa! Here’s a guy who tells it like it is. Really good interview with Dr Kgosi Letlape:

South Africa has called on countries that have implemented travel bans to immediately reverse them. Voyagers from the country have borne the brunt of travel bans imposed by a number of countries around the world as a result of the discovery of the Omicron coronavirus variant in South Africa. This morning, here is the question we are posing: is South Africa being punished and unfairly treated for sounding the alarm on the new Omicron coronavirus variant? To discuss this, we are joined by health activist, Dr Kgosi Letlape

The numbers:

Know what I find really strange? This virus thingy, is it like a hot fashion item or sumfink? As soon as it’s announced people are running to get infected with the latest greatest variant of the hottest mutation. I don’t even know how they manage to get infected. Here in Cape Town’s suburbia I can hardly leave the van without being told to put on my mask. Happened just two days ago, me awkwardly forgetting to put the mask on after I already put it in my trousers pocket: Security guard giving me a discrete sign, me going Oopsy. Well, the situation was remedied as fast as it emerged but after over 600 days of the same old routine, sumfink like that? Happened to a Covid veteran like me? 😐 Can you believe it?

I hope you guys always have your masks ready to go. Not for virus protection but for getting in the shops and gyms. =^.^=

Smell you later


/me grabs her mask and runs out to the parking lot to drive to the gym …


  1. After taking mine off for dental appts, I accidentally removed it at the doc’s office and they freaked out!

    I’m not yet worried about the omicron variant but what might come after.

    The 1918 pandemic followed a similar pattern.

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    • “they freaked out!”
      Buuuut, but but butt! What were they thinking how they could fiddle with your teeth while you have the mask on?
      Anyhoo, why are you people in The West (USA/EU) so fukn nervous and highstrung? The West, posterchild of education, healthcare for all and superduper healthy citizens. And people freak out over petty shit, societies turn into fascist states, the culture is going down.
      Look at Africa in comparison, people are poor here and stupid … and completely relaxed. Coz most have noticed by now that the infection numbers are not at all even hinting on a pandemic. The whole Covid thing is much too small-scale to get overly worried about it.


      • Lol… noooo…the doc’s office freaked out when I applied habit I picked up at the dentist’s.

        Freaking out because 1/2 mill people already died in US and we don’t know when/if it will happen again. And a lot of people don’t want to be locked down again. I LOVED it… but I had savings and don’t own a business.

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        • “1/2 mill people already died in US”

          Won’t happen again, baby! The virus is going the way of the dodo as we speak. The new Omicron monster is infectious af but nobody’s dying of it. People feel a bit under the weather and the docs give ’em some drops and send ’em home – not into ER. The more variants, mutations and strands we see, the weaker the virus gets. Fuxn Covid has lost its superduper scary powers.

          /me’s gonna dedicate today’s Corona Diary to the new monster in our heads … that ain’t nothing to panic about.


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