Almost Perfect Bike

Look what I found yesterday on the parking lot of the greengrocer’s:

Not a Harley

Yeah, black, wide, low, chunky rubbers, cut off fenders, short and stout muffler. No silly chrome circus, no luxuries, no Americanism. Just a lean and mean riding machine. What’s not to like? This almost looks like the owner might be a fellow German. The single rearview mirror on the left side is kinda dead giveaway.

And the best is she’s no Harley but an Indian. The second American motorcycle factory, eventho they predate Harley by a few years afaik. They just lost out to H-D on the lucrative military contracts for WW1 and WW2. And then they went bankrupt or sumfink and nowadays they are owned by Polaris, I guess.

What I don’t like too much about this one is the weird shape of the gas tank and the radiator for watercooling. All the rest … gimmegimmegimme!

The road is callin’


  1. Crossings on SL mainland are super annoying, so come ride at Biker’s Bay if you get the urge Orca! We don’t have any outer space levels with transparent roads that are hard to see. Not even any Simpsons, Mario Cart or Alice in Wonderland tracks to be found. What we do have is mostly normal tracks that are fun to ride. It’s getting cold in December though, so it might snow some time soon. I would love to see you there πŸ™‚

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    • Thx for the invite, Becca. I know all the mainland roads since like forever. Some are worse than others. I usually ride slowly and stop a lot for taking snapshots, so the xings don’t bother me too much. Never liked riding in estates tho, feels like riding a model train. πŸ˜‰ And didn’t the xings get better now that we’re in the cloud?

      Anyhoo, I’m on an extended break from SL, can’t be bothered to repair my fuxxed avie and only log in with an alt if the fancy tickles me.


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