Corona Diary: Day 609

Marvellous morning to you all!

Whoa, new Covid-19 news! We’d almost given up on those, didn’t we? But today on IOL, first thing on the title page …

Yes, I’m quite sure this is indeed the 4th wave. There’s no denying it. Question is just do we care about it or just ignore? I’m almost in favour of ignoring this 4th wave. For several reasons. Firstly the article just throws some numbers at us … without any context. 2,465 new cases. Since fukn when??? Inside a week? A month, a semester? People, if you wanna vaxx me I need more data.

The organisation said the majority of the new reported cases were recorded in Gauteng which accounted for 79% of cases, followed by the North West which accounted for 4% of the new cases.
The Western Cape accounted for 4% of cases while KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo each accounted for 3% of new cases respectively. Mpumalanga accounted for 2% of cases while the Eastern Cape, Free State and Northern Cape provinces each accounted for 1% of new cases for Thursday respectively.
The NICD said the proportion of positive new cases/total new cases tested yesterday is 6.5% which is higher than was recorded on Wednesday (3.6%).
In the past 24 hours, the NICD also reported there had been 98 new hospital admissions.
According to the National Department of Health’s vaccine dashboard, as of 5pm yesterday, a total of 121 359 vaccines had been administered across the country in the past 24 hours.


And, LOL, 79% of new cases in Gauteng? That’s the province around Jo’burg and Pretoria, totally overpopulated and around 1,400 Kms from Cape Town. That’s roughly the distance Hamburg – Madrid. Different climate, different weather, different country (if this was Europe). Yes, I know, distances don’t make a huge difference in a global pandemic but by now we all know how to protect us, even if they keep the interprovincial borders open. Which they will.

And then there is the virus itself. From what we hear it’s just a bleak shadow of it’s former self, tho absurdly infectious, you won’t hardly get as sick as in the early days of Covid-19.

So no, I won’t run to the next vaccination clinic!

You kidz do as you fukn fancy, ok?


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