Nanowrimo Winner

Look at Sadie! She finished the NaNoWriMo with a wordcount of 50,019 and some days to spare.
How are you doin? Or aren’t you participating at all? Good excuse like me? I’m not in the NaNoWriMo but at least I’m scribbling in my blog every fuxn day.


I nibbled my lower lip as I sat and typed the last eight hundred words. I kept updating the word count on the website and saw the circle that tracked my overall progress get closer to being closed. Then I took a deep breath and typed. I got so into the scene that I forgot to even look at the word count. When I came up for air, I saw it there at 50,019 and I blinked. I entered in the number onto the website. Then checked it again to make sure I had in fact read it correct. I let out a deep breath and cheered.

I had accomplished writing 50,019 words on one project. Is it done? No. Of course it isn’t done. Most stories fall at a much higher word count than that. I do know with all that I put into mine that it will end…

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