MiniMax is Back in Action

To end the affair of UltraOrc having to do a grown up computer’s job, yesterday I reinstalled Manjaro on the badly thrown out of action MiniMax since I found out it’s not Max’s hardware to blame but much more likely the latest Manjaro update, which also updated the Nvidia graphics driver to the latest version. And since Nividia have retired their GTX770 cards a few days ago, my very own Asus GTX770 obviously was overloaded by the newest driver. So yesterday I also told Manjo to use an older version … and since then everything is running fine and spunky again.

Back on the ultra-boring, ultra effective Mate desktop environment

Too bad I’ve lost about 3 weeks of blog data in the process but honestly … I never look there anyway. All the rest is saved mutiple times each day so MiniMax’s new life starts with almost everything intact and undisturbed. No fear, my frens, you won’t even notice I suffered a little hiccup during the last couple days.

Now let’s get on with the show …

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