Corona Diary: Day 608


I hope you know and remember little Orca always was a good little pandemic citizen. I have been, no? Stayed home if I had no business outside, masked up, sanitized, kept social distance, ate healthy, tried to stay fit; the whole shebang.

You might have noticed that my diary entries lately went a lot colder and less Covid-fangurlish than in the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown, 608 days ago. I guess you know why and I guess you’re feeling the same as I do:

Guys and Sheguys, they are shitting on us!

Need proof? Just look at the latest videos on YouToob:

1,275 new infections and 22 death. Yeah, as I wrote often enough I’m very sorry for every single one of the infected people, and even more of the deaths. Knowing quite well that they probably acted very careless and irresponsible, I’m still sad about every one of ’em.

And no mistake, 1,275 and 22 are higher numbers than what we’ve seen recently, it’s undeniably the 4th wave. That’s all correct and good and fine, buuuuut … both figures are far below any threshold of crisis. Faaar below. It’s below annual flu numbers. Do we declare a national emergency during flue season? No, we do not!

Short commentary on the second video: No! There wasn’t even a second and a first booster shot needed. Quite possibly not even the initial vaccination.

Disheartened greetings


PS: So we don’t say Au revoir in a too sad mood, here’s one of Laurence Simon’s Covid-related 100 word stories:

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