More Cowboy Bebop

Here we finally have a voice of reason for why Netflix’s version doesn’t work for many people. She is clearly articulated, at least 2 or 3 leagues above the typical fanboi blah blah, and she comes up with some valid reasons, other than the typical Noooo, it’s shit stuff we get lately.

All good and fine buuuuut did you notice it too? She argues from the POV of a hardcore fan, a completely rightful way to argue and being totally right in all points. Lady I’m a Bebop fan, too, I understand you perfectly. That’s why I link to your video, not that of Harry, Sue or Sally. Becoz yours is so much better.

But again I must ask if you have considered the fact that this show isn’t primarily made for special needs cases like you and me, Harry, Sue and Sally but for normies? Fukn normies with their basic entertainment needs. Many of them even Americans who have shows like this running in the kitchen, as white noise, while they are busy with other stuff? That is Netflix’s target group, those are the Netflix subscribers.

And after having downgraded myself to that sublevel of humanity and stopped comparing and overanalyzing every scene I’m perfectly able to enjoy this show for what it is.


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