EndeavourOS is Hot

… on the heels of MX Linux. Not in immediate striking distance yet but the gap is getting smaller and smaller and the mighty MX is coming closer and closer.


What else do we notice? Ya ya ya, cream rises to the top, crap stays behind and falls back and yadda yadda yadda … But you see that already on #5, the beloved Pop!_OS has stagnated in order not to interfere with the far more worthy distributions above it. As it so happens Endeavour and Manjaro are both in Orca’s service and doing good on her computing machines. Pop and MX both didn’t pass Orca’s hesitant test rides since they were not ladylike enough for her taste.

So, once EOS, Manjo and Mint have pushed MX off its throne the world is in perfect order again. And then we heave Sparky (currently on #24) up to #4 and, ok, Garuda (#8) to #5.

\o/ And then it’s party time! \o/

…. and every distro below #5 can go and make sweet love to itself. 😐

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