Corona Diary: Day 604

Good afternoon, fellow Coronas

And again we suffer from a news drought of biblical proportions, so we look elsewhere and find nothing but silly – yet somehow Covid-related – nonsense. Sometimes, my frens, sometimes I don’t know if our stupid race even deserves to survive the current pandemic. But look for yourself:

Okay, can’t be careful enough these days. I mean with that deadly virus going round n stuff. But honestly, if I was a good Austrian and being vaccinated too I’d feel a bit crapped upon now. Wouldn’t you? I mean is that a joke for my gov’mt? Not enough that I’m an Austrian and can’t look over the fukn mountains, now my corrupt govt makes a joke out of the pandemic situation. 😦

But not all of Germany’s neighbours are stupid like that. Let’s look westward to the always cool Dutchies:

Isn’t The Netherlands one of the most peaceful countries on earth? I’ve heard there are 7 shots fired from handguns. Not daily. But per year! And not even by the police. And then having to read articles like this is somehow disappointing, no?

Having different opinions about how to save as many lifes during the pandemic is good and fine and a probate democratic method. Killing people while fighting over the best way otoh is a bit over the top, don’t you think?

And anyway, what’s going on in Europe? The most civilized peoples and nations on earth, pretty sophisticated n clever n smart … and they are going down in a heap of chaos and collapsing societies. Germany’s about to go into national emergency, as many of its neighbours already did. What the fük’s going on? Talking about the 5th wave? Hey, we’re not even in the 4th! And the 4th ain’t gonna be deadly but just like a bad cold. Hello???

Please God, take me out of this madhouse!

Oh, hee hee, I’m out already. Here in poor chaotic South Africa we just watch the statistics dying as fast as Covid itself

Still gonna wear that mask and avoid social contact. It’s the least we can do, no problem, barely an inconvenience. 😉

Guys n dolls, stay healthy and cya laterz



          • Sorry…I helped him start his own blog, gave him just three words to use, same three he has used for over a million years, and he gets carried away. We know each other ‘n formed a ventriloquist act last year…he pretends to be the “dummy” and I pretend to be the ventriloquist. We work a Southeastern USA low class strip joints’ circuit…low class types of joints that pay cash under the table, accept the few months we do work, and they usually only have 2-3 girls. We fill in when they take breaks ‘n such, since joints like these don’t have enough girls to fill-in. We’re not that funny ‘n most don’t care since it is a strip joint. Customers are sorta shocked by how far I can “throw my voice” (they don’t know MNSKY can talk) ‘n that keeps them occupied until the girls get back. 😉


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