Corona Diary: Day 601

And again a dead day. I mean not the day is dead but the news-situation. In such that there are no news, not really and not in/from South Africa. Still me gotz 2 little tidbits for you, from the periphery of the pandemic. Shall we?

What I find most impressive isn’t the fact that in a very small, very overpopulated place like Gibraltar the virus finds perfect spreading conditions, but the name of their health minister: Samantha Sacramento sounds like a porn star, no?

And here is another 100 Word Story by Laurence Simon. He lately found a taste in Covid stories. And this one again is rather clever and comes up with some social affairs and problem solutions. =^.^=

That’s all I got today, go away now. In half an hour we go into another loadshedding, and after that I’m prolly too lazy/tired to blog more.

See ya peepelz tomorrow


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