Corona Diary: Day 598

A masterblaster good day to y’all, my sweet children!

Here we are, thinking we’ve seen the last of Covid-19, and then this …

Yep, 4th wave is coming end of December, early January. Brace yourself, kids, for the least impactful pandemic evar! 🙂 But don’t forget to get vacced before the 4th wave makes landfall in your ‘hood, and while you’re at it, vaxx your toddlers and cats and dogs and get your booster shots, too!!! It’s like the breakfast of champions.

Know what? Ugh … I will just go on as I did the last 20 months, which means mask up, social distance, sanitize, keep a clear head and don’t fall for the mass hysteria. You kidz do what you want as we’ll probably never meet in the meat space, but I won’t take my jab as long as I don’t have to. Tell me, what good is a vaccination that won’t save me from getting the virus but is very risky? I guess my principle of just avoid infection is still the best way to deal with any viral sickness; can we agree on that?




  1. I’m also continuing existing patterns… cause I don’t want any annual bronchitis either.

    Calif, or LA County, just changed guidelines and I can now get a vax booster (3rd shot, half dose) so I guess I’ll start looking for some place giving Moderna.

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