Sparky Linux Still/Again my Fave Debian

After I only could master lukewarm feelings for Sparky Linux when I checked it the last time, yesterday I downloaded a new version 2021.10 and fell in love again. No, I’m not using it but if I only had a shitty old lappy lying around somewhere, and not even an internet connection … say I’m gonna write The Novel of the 21st Century somewhere in a beach cottage of a lonely rocky island off the Irish coast, this is the system I’d wanna have with me.

The first contact, before you even install Sparky

It’s exactly Sparky’s kinda primitive approach, just a semi-rolling Debian core, which I choose with my beloved Mate Desktop, that gives me just the right amount of customization but no overkill of additional apps and stuff, that I adore so much. So this is just a workhorse, not a toy!

Installation goes quick and makes no problems

And it works formidable!

First system upgrade. No fear, this won’t happen very often. 😉

Equipment with apps and softwares is rather sparse, you gotta install most shit you want yourself. Hey, just because everything is simple and easy doesn’t mean Sparky is necessarily made for n00bs. You gotta know what you want, else you’ll never be good friends with this mostly featureless Debian.

Installation of SL viewer isn’t as elegant as we know it from Arch but goes rather smooth

You know this is always my most important test for any distro. I must be able to download and install an SL viewer and get one of my avies online. No problem with Sparky: Download, unpack, go online doesn’t even take 2 minutes!

Phree Radikal says “Hey!” from the new TrYC docks.

Notice that Lucy deleted the glasshouse and replaced it with the tiki party place. Looking good and gives us much more space inside our “harbor”.


  1. I believe Sparky has more choices than any Distro I’ve tested, ‘from Stable, to Oldstable, to (Semi-)Rolling, and to Development images‘ just for starters…correction, i.e. I see they also have an “Oldoldstable” grouping listed. I used to keep their “Rescue” version around, but it never could actually compete wid Puppy Linux. Sparky is a rare Debian-based Distro that actually offers an opt out from the disgusting Linux ‘Nanny and her annoying “Authenticate” popups & ‘Pesky Passwords‘. Fact is, it is rare to find any Linux Distro that doesn’t force the user to use constant passwords on their own home computer. Don’t know who the Linux ‘Nanny‘ is? Ask Roy Munson. 😉

    My phones have never asked me for a password, Chromebooks asked for just a login password but nothing after that (I can deal wid just one login password, but resent being asked for one even when I have to use the bathroom), I don’t install Windows wid a password, most of the RHEL Distros offer an opt out thru at least a root login option, Fedora Cinnamon doesn’t even require a Password Dependent User to be created (just an Administrator password), and I’ve never seen a Puppy Linux version ever ask for a password. There are some other Distros, like Sparky (or at least some versions), that offer at least the option of logging in as fulltime Root User. Linux isn’t meant for “normal people,” which is why most Distros require the annoying “Authenticate” popups & ‘Pesky Passwords‘ that are needed in commercial ‘n business atmospheres..

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    • Terminal work? I ħave all my distros log me in without password. It’s a choice you make quite in the beginning of every installation process. And I don’t mind the operational passwords neither; once I have my system customized to my taste I hardly ever get onto that deep level anymore but just use Linux like I used WinApple before.
      Ya, yesterday I had to type in my password once or twice, when I installed the Variety wallpaper changer … but that’s probably it for the next couple weeks. Oh noes, of course I must type in my password when I get updates next week or so. I can live with that. 😉

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      • Yeah, you’re a ‘Password Dependent‘ OS user…most Linux users are. Y’all get so use to them that you forget how often the Linux ‘Nanny is demanding them. Heck, GParted’s Authenticate popup alone would drive me crazy on a ‘Password Dependent‘ Distro, as much as I use it. I use Fedora Cinnamon as my main working Linux Distro…no need to even create a ‘Password Dependent‘ user wid it…sorta like Puppy Linux, but wid Administrator password, and a much better DE! 😉

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        • “GParted’s Authenticate popup alone would drive me crazy”
          Jeez, how often do you use that thing?

          “much better DE!”
          Yeah, that’s Cinnamon for ya! 🙂

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