O@tM: Titane

Alexia suffers a terrible skull injury and has a titanium plate fitted into her head. When she gets out of the hospital, she rejects her parents and embraces passionately the car that almost killed her. The coming years she has problems with her sexuality and meets Vincent. Vincent is a tortured man who tries to preserve his strength by injecting steroids into his aging body. Will they find a way to deal with their emotional problems? β€”Frank Liesenborgs

I’ve toiled on this movie for a couple days now and still no wiser. How can I develop any positive feelings for a psychotic killer babe who really has no-one to blame for the titan plate in her head than herself? From the first second on we see Alexia as a preteen girl, she’s nothing but obnoxious and antisocial.

No, really, that girl doesn’t even have a code to live by or the most rudimentary skills to blend in with society. Compared to Alexia even psychokiller Dexter is a real well-adjusted hero, someone to root for and being sympathetic to his cause. Alexia on the other hand is damaged goods. Unredeemable, pure evil. She destroys everything she loves, kills everyone who shows compassion towards her. A real bitch!

Sorry, I just can’t stand flicks who are going in deep in their analysis, psycho arthouse crap, and I would’ve switched Titane off after 5 minutes … if it wasn’t so god-damn fascinating, so well-done, so catchy. Don’t get me wrong, Titane won’t entertain you, not really, and you won’t have a good time watching it. But the relentless path of Alexia leading her down not only taking other people’s lifes, but also affecting harm onto herself, is fascinating to watch. I was grossed out pretty much during the whole runtime but I just didn’t dare taking my eyes off the screen.

Here we have a YouTuber trying to find sense in Titane, and not doing too badly:

CONCLUSION: I have none. Sorry, this movie was way over my head but may I still urge everybody to go watch this?

Frens you know how I stand with piracy, I won’t support anyone doing it. Stealing movies ain’t alright, ok? But since this is an arthouse movie, and a French one as that, I see it’s double-handicapped. Particularly American audiences will have a hard time finding a theatre screening it. Showing a Transformers flick is much more profitable, even if Alexia kinda transforms into a car herself.

So go find this piece de resistance somewhere around here. And don’t forget to activate your VPN. πŸ˜‰

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