Linux Insiders

Hey ho peepelz, do I have a hot tip for y’all. Bored with the same same desktop backgrounds that came with your distro or you added yourself? Have an oldfashioned DE like Mate that doesn’t even feature a slideshow?

Hah, solution! Just install a little software called Variety and play with the many settings. You can add various local and online sources for backgrounds, and set the intervall for switching to the next graphic and many more stuffz.

There are some highly regarded source readily available, most of which I’ve switched off already. For example apod, bing and earthview.

I, for being me, have added my own picture folder and am getting new pics from I requested steampunk related wallpapers … et voila …

By now I’ve added ‘science fiction’ and ‘anime’ to my search criteria, so it can only get better.

As Arch user you install it with a simple sudo pacman -S variety command, graphical methods and for when you’re on Ubu/Deb, the instructions are in the first link I gave you above. And sorry, my poor poor darlings who are still left back alone on WinApple, Variety is too precious to werk for you plebs.


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