Race Day 43 with Bandit 22LTE at Saint Aubrey

Yesterday Lisa, Izi, Ella, Sea, Amy, Lucy, Ester, Erica, Moon, Rugger (with crew Ani), Juicy and Jack came for our reversed course 1 and wind from North West with 21knots.
The last tests 45min before the race showed even after the rolling restarts some hours before in the area around Degrand Island a lot of issues and 3 sailors “crashed” there at the same crossings. So i went immediately into the support chat and asked for a restart of Degrand Island and all sims around. Long story short – it worked and all 12 starters finished later.
During the race we had some in these times normal personal issues: Erica had to moor because of broken steering, Jack had too much lag and his boat reacted in some sims very confusesed and Ella mentioned to be turned around after a crossing of about 45°.

the fleet at the start

My apologize for not many pictures or videos from the really exciting race yesterday. We had so many really exciting duels along the course that i had to fly forward and backwards all the time to watch them and not enough time to wait and to find a good spot for pictures.
We saw one awesome and very long duel between Sea and Moon right from the start until buoy CN for rank 3 and 4, but when they reached it the second time. When you look at the route map you will see its about 70% of the whole race and they were very close together.

The start was one of the most interesting upwind starts we had so far or shall i say “chaotic”. Rugger and Amy aimed for the start line from North East much too early. They both went a bit parallel the line until they realized that they would start too much in the South and turned back into the direction of the coming fleet. Lucy was leading the fleet, but too early as well. She tried to “rescue” her start by sailing parallel the line as well, failed and was just a bit more than 2sec over early. Now her luffing up chasers arrived at the line while Lucy aimed for the end of the line to sail around it and to start new.
You wont believe it, but during this little “chaotic” start Lisa, Rugger and Jack started parallel at 00:00sec. Izi. Moon and Sea followed only some seconds later. Ella and Amy followed in a third group and Juicy, Lucy, Erica and Ester followed at the end.

snapshot of the start

Lisa and Izi took the advantage of not having any wind shadow on the first leg and took the lead. Sea and Moon started right after the start their duel (very left on next picture).

the fleet reaching the first buoy CS

Lisa was sailing free and safely in front and could sail her own route. Izi had Sea in her neck at buoy CN and both were chased by Moon. After Moon started to try to pass Sea first she had to defend her against Moon. Defending your position against Moon needs all your concentration which means you loose a bit of speed. Sea was pretty successful with it for a very long time. But it meant as well that Izi could sail away from Sea and defended her second place safely until the finish.

At buoy IS: 1. Lisa, 2. Izi, 3. Sea (not rezzed on the pic in time) and 4. Moon

Ella started after the first buoy CS her chase from position 7, passed Rugger and Jack and reached buoy IS in 5. position. Erica lost steering on the way to buoy CN and was passed by Ester. The two had form then on a close and exciting duel until the finish line.

at buoy IS: 5. Ella, 6. Rugger, 7. Jack and 8. Amy

Amy chased Jack on the way to buoy IS. Jack was a bit too optimistic with tacking in front of Amy (on starboard tack) and fouled her at bouy IS while on he was on port tack. His 360° penalty short after that let him fall back behind Amy and Juicy. Lucy, Ester and Erica were catching up with the fleet slowly.
Between buoy IN and Degrand Island Jack mentioned a lot of lag and a confused reacting boat. This let him fall back unfortunately to the last position. Lucy, Ester and Erica could pass him.
Sea and Moon reached parallel buoy IN and Moon tried to pass Sea on the inside. The outside line was in this case the better line after buoy IN and Sea could use the wind shadow to keep Moon behind her. The two boats were pretty close together but it was all still fair.
Ella caught up with Sea and Moon inch by inch.

the duel between Sea and Moon changed into a triel with Ella at buoy OW

After buoy OW the long high speed part started all the way to buoy OE with mostly spin legs and a little part in between with a code leg.
Sea could defend her lead against Moon until buoy CN. There finally Moon passed Sea. Ella was already very close behind them.
At buoy OE Moon and Sea turned a little wide and Ella caught up with a lot better turn with Sea. On the first half of the following upwind leg Ella could pass Sea and started to catch up with Moon.
Moon noticed this and started to sail much closer to the wind to avoid to get the wind shadow a bit later from Ella. But this tactic slowed him and Ella down and Sea and even Amy could catch up more.
Ella tried to sail around Moon’s back to his lee side and to pass him there by crossing his wind shadow with more speed. Moon noticed that as well and defended his little lead against Ella until the last buoy CS.
Once raised the spin on the final leg just some seconds earlier and keeping the course to the northern end of the finish line will help you to defend your position. Moon could do this successful against Ella and Sea, Amy against Lucy, Rugger against Juicy and Ester against Erica. Jack after all his issues was a bit more behind.

The finish: 1. Lisa
The finish: 2. Izi
The finish: 3. Moon
The finish: 4. Ella
The finish: 5. Sea
The finish: 6. Amy
The finish: 7. Lucy
The finish: 8. Rugger
The finish: 9. Juicy
The finish: 10. Ester
The finish: 11. Erica
The finish: 12. Jack
our after race party at our Tiki Bar

Congrats to Lisa for her win of the race and all others for a really exciting race for me to watch and i bet for you all to sail.

Here is the result from yesterday:

Race 43 2021-11-09-ST AR-B22LTE-1 – REV – NW21:

1: Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Race Time: 0:25:46-15points
2: Izi Shinohara BS188a – Race Time: 0:26:09-12points
3: moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Race Time: 0:27:05-10points
4: eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Race Time: 0:27:12-9points
5: filax Carter BS71ec – Race Time: 0:27:17-8points
6: Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Race Time: 0:27:33-7points
7: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:27:42-6points
8: ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Race Time: 0:27:48-5points
9: juice651 Resident BS1cc4 – Race Time: 0:27:57-4points
10: citacg Resident BSdca5 – Race Time: 0:28:18-3points
11: EricaMusashi Resident BSaf13 – Race Time: 0:28:49-2points
12: Jackal Hotaling BSd6aa – Race Time: 0:29:34-1point

Lap Times:
Lisa Hyandi BS2145 – Start: 0:00:00 – Last lap: 0:25:46
Izi Shinohara BS188a – Start: 0:00:04 – Last lap: 0:26:05
moonglownight Resident BSbf2e – Start: 0:00:05 – Last lap: 0:27:00
eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Start: 0:00:11 – Last lap: 0:27:01
filax Carter BS71ec – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:27:10
Montserrat Naidoo BSce61 – Start: 0:00:18 – Last lap: 0:27:15
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:34 – Last lap: 0:27:08
ruggeromare Resident BSf78d – Start: 0:00:00 – Last lap: 0:27:48
juice651 Resident BS1cc4 – Start: 0:00:28 – Last lap: 0:27:29
citacg Resident BSdca5 – Start: 0:00:46 – Last lap: 0:27:32
EricaMusashi Resident BSaf13 – Start: 0:00:41 – Last lap: 0:28:08
Jackal Hotaling BSd6aa – Start: 0:00:00 – Last lap: 0:29:34

Standing overall St AR 2021 B22LTE Championship (after 43 races):
Sailor-points (number of races)
Rugger 152(30)

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you next week again and then with our reversed course 2 and wind from North East and 21knots.

hugs and kisses


  1. My video sowing in full my bad timing in start. After being forced to start early I had no choice but to round the line by the “wrong” side (south). If I tried to go to north side I would certainly foul every other sailor 🙂

    With this, I put myself bordering the southern limit of the course, without any space for maneuvres.

    Well, see it by yourself 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • well bad luck that Rugger was on leeward and you needed to avoid barging. But that can happen in such a start with 12 boats.
      After that you did a great recover and passed several boats.

      And i loved the part when you sailed around buoy OE and your followers appeared on your screen with their beautiful spins.

      Thank you so much sharing these videos with us.


      Liked by 3 people

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