Linux HATES Me – Daily Driver CHALLENGE Pt.1

Morning sweeties 😉

The long awaited Linux challenge bears fruit in the form and shape of a first video. Yes, it’s boring, yes it’s tedious, yes it shows Linux as either super duper easy to install and get into or a geeky task nobody likes to be up to.

But first, before I tell you my feelings, let’s watch the show:

Okay, what did we learn?

  • Luke did put on some weight
  • Linus went to work with the mindset of a geek, which got him into trubbelz
  • Luke just went with the tried and trusted Linux Mint, installed some gamer stuff kinda automatically and started gaming
  • Linus is easygoing for n00bs, housewives, senior citizens and little kidz
  • Geeks tend to overcomplicate every little shit

All in all, again and again, we must get our definitions right. In a time like 2021, when most users aren’t even installing their own Windows computers every little Linux installation must appear like a friggin supernatural wizardry. So let’s make that clear once and for all: It’s not wizardry, it’s not even geeky and nerdy, it’s just what needs to be done if you don’t wanna invest in a preinstalled Linux machine.

And to install Linux on your lap- or desktop is much easier than installing Windows. You don’t even need to have your licence number ready and to sign away your first-born in order to have a full-fledged, fully legal Linux system on your machine.

Also it’s no shame to go with an easy peasy distro like Mint. If you wanna get something that creates no troubles but sparks joy in you, and supports you in your task to set up a gaming system, a primitive workhorse such as Mint is always a good starting point and guarantees smoooth sailing.

Anyhoo, here are already the first reaction videos:

Today I talk about something that seems obvious, but really isn’t. A PSA for new Linux Users

As a quasi teaser for the new LTT series, here are Linus and Luke in an excert from the WAN Show:

Watch the full WAN Show:…


  1. First – Good post even tho I didn’t watch the sure-to-be boring video.

    Second – Windows 10 is very easy to upgrade ‘n Windows 11 is very easy to install. Plus the printers, scanners, photo printers, etc. work wid it. Oh, also the basic scroll Wheel Mouse is fully functional under Windows. 😉

    Thirdly – a legal OEM license, e.g. Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL is way below $30 when you use a code. My last WIN10 Pro OEM license was below $13, and the upgrade to WIN 11 Pro was free that way. Register, and they send you a code…WIN 11 Pro was less than $19 wid the last code they sent me.

    Now your definitions are “right.”

    Yeah, End Users can be lazy ‘n fearful…a big problem for Linux. However, more Linux Distro OEM’s are starting to offer their own fully installed Distro on a Laptop they ‘Build’ for you. I’m working on a post now for one, that a Candace emailed me about their “closing out 2021 sales,” and a couple of them look like really great deals.

    Linux does pretty good on Laptops, and more Distro OEM’s should offer them pre-installed for End Users, IMHO. BTW, I gave Candace your blog name, so she may contact you – hope you don’t mind…you ‘n Renard are about the only Linux bloggers I read.

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    • I guess it could be interesting for you, as Linus, like a true geek, is trying to solve self-inflicted problems. 🙂

      “OEM’s are starting to offer their own fully installed Distro on a Laptop ”

      Yeah, like the one I got. Of course I swapped the Mint it came with for Endeavour and now I’m really happy. 😉 And I’m not using printers and scanners and use the mouse only like a normal user would do. In so far I’m not missing anything.

      Yes, Renard and me are both on Linux. Usually Linux people aren’t oldfashioned bloggers but make use of the latest video tech and publish their stuff on YouTube.


  2. Every single dodgyly activated w7 I had rolled up to a legal w10, I stopped at 12. I’ve never noticed the mouse scroll option on Linux, I guess I don’t use it much. Printers and scanners are a pain in the ass.
    W11 has quite a few issues with older software, like any new ms os.
    Let’s face it most Sheeple use phones.
    Most of the gamers I know own multiple consoles.
    My experience is most aren’t interested in computers just certain messenger app or social connectors
    We are all ( me Orca and Karmi) 100s of times more computer literate than most.
    We all have assossiates thst if you ask, what browser do you use, would answer Google.
    I do love the banter though

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  3. Maybe because I switch primary mouse buttons at installation ‘n see the total lack of mouse settings under Linux, e.g. basic Wheel Mouse . The mouse under Linux is a joke…just looking at the meager mouse setting offered under Linux tells you all you need to know about Linux ‘n the mouse. I auto scroll, sometimes scroll 10 lines at a time…sometimes a page at a time. Under Linux it is 1.5-2 lines per notch of the wheel, and that’s it. Keyboard works better at scrolling than a mouse does under Linux…

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