Corona Diary: Day 592

Aloha! You all well?

First time since days we get something to read about Covid-19 on the IOL website:

More dead officials than inmates. The SA society cares about everyone!

Pff, apart from that I only had a video where some expert complains about the unwillingness of most people to get vaccinated. Listen fukhead, your shitsoup is neither thoroughly tested nor effective against infection. How about you only purchase a real medical solution, a proven thing … and don’t waste the people’s taxmoney on the pharma mafia? Ha? How ’bout that?

Can’t find the fuxn video now, doesn’t matter.

I was at the shopping mall yesterday and the adhoc vaccination site was eeeeempty. Long rows of chairs, enough nurses and docs to cure every diseases known to mankind, but no takers. Nobody wants that shit injected into their bodies. What I see tho – still and with the same iron discipline since the early days one of the lockdown – are people wearing their masks, accepting sanitizers and keeping social distance. We are a well-oiled machine of social norms and behavioural rules, we protect ourselves from infection rather than forgetting all reasonability and counting on some snake oil vaccine instead. Let the Europeans and Americans do such silly shit, we prefer to stay robust and healthy!

Don’t fall for the hype! Get vaccinated if necessary but don’t expect to be out of the danger zone once inoculated.



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