Little Hottie

Yes, Orca too. But this story is about Oubaas, who was running terribly hot for the last few days. So today I brought him in to my mechanic …

… who noticed the radiator was leaking. So they took it out …
… and Ouby shared the fate of all old men. 😐
One of the mechanic’s hi-o-pies prepared the radiator …
… for his oom to fix the leak with molten lead.
Super technique to close the leak. No idea why nobody does it anymore. Today’s mechanics only know how to order new parts and exchange them. My mech rather repairs shit coz when done right this radiator will survive us both.
But oy vey, see how all the itsybitsy cooling fins are bent and stuffed?
So the hi-o-pie starts to painstakingly get all the little cooling things in order …
… and mecha adds a fresh layer of matte black paint.
Looks already much nicer.
Hi-o-pie puts the radiator back in …
… and I start the engine! See my red battery warning light in action? It shows me the alternator isn’t working yet. One step on the gas pedal remedies that. πŸ˜‰
For joy about Oubaas’ safety I buy a new facemask. I hope this will be the last I need in the late stages of the pandemic of unknown origin. πŸ˜‰


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