Not Every Linux …

… is good .. or even acceptable. :/

Oh, the joys of distro testing, you know. Those days when either your brain is wrong or the distro is dysfunctional. We can live with that. It’s just minor frustrations, it’s ok, the devs obviously meant well but are just living on another metaphysical pane of existence.

And then there are those days, when everything seems to be alright at first. Look, like here for example:

Nitrux looks and sounds like a groovy distro: Unstable Debian base, their own spin of oldstyle KDE desktop, what’s not to like? Knowing hubby would love to go back to KDE if it were like it once was, and not being biased against “unstable”, rolling releases, I knew I just had to try this fancy wonderdistro.

But then … nothing.

Nitruxes website doesn’t even try to act like it lets me download the ISO, no error message, no nuffink. Total denial of service. Hung up in a loop or sumfink? Anyhoo, contrary to Linux lightweight Orcsi, the fatty nerd of The Linux Cast got it downloaded and even installed and after that … not much. At least I’m not totally alone in my misery. 😐

And honestly, I couldn’t care less; having all my machines set up with the bestest Linux evaaar, I don’t need Nitrux. Would’ve been nice to check it out and give hubby the good news but if Nitrux doesn’t want me to install it … okéééééé …


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