Orca’s Guidelines

… to lazy but fast computing are easy and uncomplicated. Of course they are. I did mention that I’m lazy af, no? I guess my secret is explained in one single screenshot. Look:

Panel embiggenized to 40p for better visibility

This is my all-important, one and only trick. I use it on Mate and Cinnamon desktops. No idea how it works in other Linux enviros or on Windows. Please note, this ain’t a premade dock thing like you find in MacOS and countless Linux distros. I just didn’t want the hassle and that dock living big and fat on my screen, so I just pulled the icons of my most-used softwares from the menu down into the panel … and voila.

Yes, I know, bland af and not very appealing to young people. But who gives a fuk about those youngsters anyway? 😐

So let’s see what we got there, from left to right:

  • Brisk Menu – that I almost never need anymore
  • Terminal – that y’all dread so much but that saves me so much time and trouble
  • Software add/remove – Graphical thing hubby uses, so I leave it in
  • Image writer – to flash Linux ISOs on USB-sticks
  • GParted – nifty little software to format intrenal and external drives
  • Pluma – text editor that I use more often than one would think
  • Warpinator – nifty thingamajig to send and receive files from and to other computers in the local network without having a real network
  • Proton VPN – do I really need to explain the many uses of a VPN?
  • AisleRiot – I play Solitaire and Freecell here
  • KSudoku – hubby plays Sudoku here
  • LibreOffice Writer – the only office module I need
  • MATE Calculator – self-explanatory, no?
  • qBittorrent – bestest ahoy mateys software, but also for sharing Linux shit n stuffz
  • PhotoFlare – Linuxed clone of the cute PhotoFlair program
  • GIMP – the more professional big brother of PhotoFlare
  • Singularity – a outdated but beloved Second Life viewer
  • Screenshot – makes … screenshots πŸ˜‰
  • Thunderbird – the world’s most prominent email utility
  • Firefox – lost a lot of users but still the only (doable) option for many of us

That’s quite a handful, right? And all those progs and apps I start with just one-click and no need to locate them somewhere in the menu. I’ll quickly add more when needed. But for the first few hours after install, and my basic bitch mom n dad computing needs, the panel is already quite well-equipped dontcha think?

All my most-needed wares in direct one-click reach. That makes even slowpoke Orca a speedy girl.

Linux brings the fun back to computing

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