Back on Mate

Don’t get me wrong please, Cinnamon is a pretty and pretty versatile desktop environment, something Windows aspires to become once its grown up, and I was pretty satisfied with it. Buuuuut there were always some small niggles to be had. Really just small shit you only notice after some days of usage: Be it that you had to aim the mouse very very exactly, or be it that the desktop icons never stayed were I put them, or this and that. Stuff that makes you crawl up the walls when it happens too often. Hubby even said his system reacted erratic from time to time.

Anyway, hubby got angry and wants to switch back to Mate. So I thought, yeah, right! And I downloaded the Manjaro Mate ISO file and installed it just now …

A last screenshot of Cinnamon while I flash the Mate ISO onto a USB stick
Not even 10 minutes later: Welcome to Manjaro Mate + the first system update
Half an hour later: Almost completely moved into the new enviro

I can already feel it, my workflow is back to carefree and graceless speed and convenience. Now I must only log the User Orca into Thunderbird and YouTube and then I’m ready to play with the big boys again. =^.^=


  1. My system used to be erratic on Cinnamon desktop. I ran MemTest86+ to find out that the laptop had failures in both memory modules. I bought and installed 2 x 4GB modules, ran MemTest86+ again without failures, and I haven’t had anymore erratic behavior. Just a thought to consider. MATE desktop is great, too. But I got used to Cinnamon.

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    • Yeah, the difference is small but altogether is Cin just prettier and modernerer than Mate. But Mate is comfy like an old shoe and a very very robust workhorse. Cin appeared to be a bit wobbly in some aspects. Now I have the good feeling of nothing can go wrong … ever!

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