Sunday Shopping!!!

Last night we remembered that South Africa has almost as badly inhumane employees’ rights as the USA, so I checked … and indeed: Makro’s open today from 9.00 – 12:00. And that in a country where the union is one of the major political forces. Weird, eh? Knowing that most SAffas are terribly religious, I knew they’d all hang out in some church or temple or whatever cultish construction ppl congregate in. The rest are tooting their vuvuzela horns in the football stadiums.

What housewives do on Sundays: They blow…

Which means empty roads for your godless and football hating editrix and her poor little van. And even more important, almost empty MAKRO store!

Not much action on the parking lot, I’m even first in line at the store’s entrance
The trolley brigade in a prayer circle … most possibly
Today’s loot: Microwave Oven
Looking good in her new place. I know what you’re thinking: The fukn mirror effect doors are crapola. We wanna look at our pizza while it’s being made. Well, LG thought about installing a lightbulb inside the oven, so we can always watch our food. πŸ™‚

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