show #321: this is the end

After roundabout 23 million podcasts since 2014 Draxtor Despres is giving up his famous podcast The Drax Files Radio Hour. I’m a bit ashamed to confess I didn’t listen to a single episode. I hope I could make up for it by promoting his Second Life Book Club show on YouTube. And I guess this will go on.
But now it’s time to read/listen to the last podcast …

the drax files radio hour

show #321

my friends: i decided to end this podcast. we started way back in 2014, shortly before ebbe altberg came in. we had over 2000 listeners per week. we are down to 9!

i don’t mind. i am happy that i can cancel myself in fact because we churn out over 150 videos with second life stories per year, not counting the feature length work.

that should be enough should it not? listen to my short announcement and tell me what you think. thank you for making my second life awesome every day!

now: you know where to find me so do not hesitate to contact me with great story ideas. i am all yours.

meantime below = enjoy ye olde drax files world makers …

… and the current made in sl stories …

then head on over and submit your own !!!!

or tell us about your…

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