Linden Lab Pauses Development On Second Life Mobile App

Not that it’s a radically fukked up idea to begin with, now they are stumbling on the first hurdle. Read what Daniel’s found out about Second Life’s mobile viewer.

Daniel Voyager

On Thursday 21st October New World Notes reported that Second Life official mobile viewer development has been paused according to a “veteran Second Life insider”. The member is apparently from the SL Mobile Viewer test group and shared this news below.

From looking at this generally it does appear to be written from Linden Lab and many will be most likely be disappointed by this development pause. It does appear the team is actively working on a new direction from here. I would imagine we will hear from the lab shortly about this latest development and hopefully what they plan on doing next.

From source insider…

After reviewing the current state of the SL Mobile Viewer and the helpful feedback from residents, we have decided to pause development on this branch. The team is actively working on a new direction to take from here. We should have some news on…

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  1. Development has been slow over recent years and at previous months web user group meetings the lab didn’t really say much about it. Delay after delay basically.

    Probably have to wait another few years for any launch (if that) as the lab takes this in a new direction.

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    • I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, Dan. It is, and always was, a very bad idea to put the biggerestest virtual world on a puny little cellphone screen. Can’t play like that. I find SL hardly bearable on my new laptop, now imagine it 10 times worse on my phone. Oy vey! 😮


  2. Considering some smartphones now have better screen resolution and better silicon than the PCs of what? 5 years ago?… I don’t see why it would be such a bad idea… there used to be a perfectly playable app on the iPhone (pocket metaverse if I recall right) which was already fine to connect and chat with others. Ok, it wasn’t the full deal (no 3D) but you could see where you and others were on the map, and TP from one place to the next, even move on the map…

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    • Better resolution maybe but the screens are sooo damn small, and you gotta hold ’em in your wobbly hand and … where do I find the time to focus on SL? When I’m out and about I’m much too busy with other stuff, like driving, yogaing, shopping … I just imagine me playing SL while waiting in cue for fish n chips, ridiculous. When I log inworld SL I need time and quiet … and most of the time I forget the phone at home anyway. 😮

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