Give Your Cinnamon Desktop Fresh And Elegant Look With Orchis Theme

Hello Linux with Cinnamon frens!

I guess most of you who are on Mint or Manjaro or any other Linux distro with the Cinnamon desktop environment are at least familiar with Cinnamon by now, no? If not, then you are either advanced or too n00bish and don’t need to watch this video about how to make your desktop beautifullerer.

Also I must mention I rarely ever watch or link to Linux Scoop videos. I don’t like that they aren’t narrated by a human voice. Only this one seems to have some broader appeal. So watch on your own peril and try to customize your Cinnamon desktop … or don’t. Meh. =^.^=

Hi everyone. In this video I’am going to show you how to customize cinnamon desktop fresh and elegant look with orchis theme. this customize using Linux Mint with Cinnamon Desktop 5.0 series.

Sorry, old woman me don’t like that style and it doesn’t seem to fit my workflow anyway.

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