The Bestest Thing

… among all the other great attributes of our new Clevo laptop must be this:

See it?

See it?

In these modern dystopian times when you don’t own your hardware anymore but are graciously permitted by the likes of Apple and Microsoft to use “your” laptop for a while, until it reaches its predetermined End Of Life; in times when they don’t even grant you the Right To Repair … our Clevo comes with a bunch of screws that allow you to quickly open the shell and switch out all the internal components.

So the much talked about fight for your Right To Repair isn’t even a topic here. We just do! We are – and intend to stay – humans. Self determined, sentient beings who insist on a healthy amount of human rights! And the right to take apart, fiddle with and tune up/repair our own machines is a big part of our human rights.

Not a problem with Clevo!


  1. I liked that about the Clevo lappies; however, I hope I don’t ever have to go into another laptop!!!!! πŸ˜‰ My Waterfox updated yesterday, and your like button stopped working wid it?! Other browsers work, but not Waterfox. Oh, y’all are incredibly close to having 1-*MILLION* hits here!

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    • Yeah, Waterfox and all the other Firefox spinoffs who don’t really work, are the main reason for me to still stick with Firefox. Although the air gets terribly thin right now and I should find a workable alternative pretty soon.

      And my 880,000 hits are the result of my unbelievable sex appeal … and hard work and high output. Not to forget I have some incredibly talented co-bloggers who deliver all the sailing and racing content. And I guess for a huge part it’s coz we welcome comments.

      No other secret behind it.

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