Corona Diary: Day 573

Are they shitting us?

Are they actually shitting us???

The World Health Organization (WHO) says more than 85% of COVID-19 cases in Africa remain undetected. According to the Health body, six out of every seven coronavirus cases are not being detected in Africa. So far, only eight million COVID cases have been recorded, but the

Ummm … huh? Excuse me! Pleez.

Excuse me but don’t you think that, when Covid-19 cases remain undetected … undetected by the infected person in the first place I assume, don’t you think it doesn’t matter? Don’t you know Orca suffers from a severe case of bad cartoonitis? Does she complain? Does any other avie whom she ever was in contact with complain about unbearable symptoms of cartoonitis?

No, eh? And why should they? All feel well. Same with the undetectable Coronavirus!

Politicians, eager doctors, don’t you think it’s time to end this charade? And that coming from me, a very brave self-quarantiner and mask wearer since more than 1.5 years now. I’m such a good citizen many people in SL and here in the blog think I’m a stupid sheeple, horny for house-arrest. Just because I wanna help and not be a spreader, tssk tssk. Yes, I’m a good victim of your powerplays. Up to a couple days ago. Not any longer, fukkaz! 😐

And that’s it for today. No Covid-news on IOL, not even one, and only this one relevant document of failure by all and the WHO, on YouTube.

Fuk all dat shite. No, I won’t get in line for vaccination. No, I won’t play nice anymore. Fortunately we have until June 2022 before we gotta fly to Germany … I hope all travel restrictions are gone and forgotten by then.

Orca says: Stay sane, stay healthy, don’t mind Covid-19!

Contrary to the last 572 days today I won’t ask you to mask up and sanitize. Just stay sane and do the intelligent thing, ok?




    • Indeed, sweetie. And drawn out for much too long.

      You remember how much fun we had in the early stages of the locky downy? When humankind split into two halves: the good generous people with the will to help vs the covidiots? Those were good times despite death knocking on everyone’s door. And we stayed home, got our groceries delivered from the supermarket and enjoyed the most cheap, most lazy days of our lifes.


  1. The Totalitarian Sheeple Herders had you well fed, watered, and movin’ along in the direction they wanted you to go in. I’m surprised you managed to wander off!?! Congratulations…

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    • Oh, I actually wandered off quite early on during the pandemic. When our great leaders and their yes-men politicians tried to push new anti-democratic laws into existence, when Trump stole the facemasks from Germany, when all the pharmaceutical corporations pushed unproven and ineffective vaccines to the public, I decided not to vote ever again.

      Still, I never stopped believing in the severity of the pandemic. Only that I decided to fight it on my own, not by listening to what our politicians said. And the statistics proved me correct, at first. Now they don’t anymore and it’s time to stop the charade. Sorry for all the already needlessly vaxxed people.


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