O@tM: Dune (2021) REDUX

Is he the Kwisatz Haderach

I gotta apologize. To the cast and crew of Dune (2021) and to the man at the wheel, Denis Villeneuve. And also to you, my dearest readers. For misleading you with a hastily written and kinda wrong review of the movie.

As I’ve pointed out in my original writeup I wrote it immediately after watching, which isn’t a bad thing per se. First impressions and all that. But the way I watched the movie was way wrong and lead to my biased and unfair assessment of Villeneuve’s Dune.

Because I watched it primarily as a comparison with Dune (1984) by David Lynch. The 1984 version is a verified trainwreck, and I only watched the 21 version to see what they made equally wrong this time around. Now that is a bit problematic as mostly all weaknesses of the movies are already inherent in Frank Herbert’s novel. So not much anyone can do when adapting the much beloved novel for the big screen, right?

I totally forgot to mention how much better Dune (2021) was compared to the 1984 suckfest. Let me just grab some points as they drop in my mind:

In Lynch’s movie the actors proclaimed, in Villeneuve’s they acted.

Lynch portrayed the Harkonnens as evil clowns, Villeneuve showed us evil people doing evil things. Lynch’s Harkonnens were campy fun, cartoon villains; Villeneuve’s kinda sick looking bullies made me shit my pants. Particularly Stellan Skarsgård was pure evil. And even Dave Bautista didn’t invoke any laughs.

Pure Evil!

Many things Lynch failed to explain to the audience, and only became clear while watching the Alternative Edition fan-edit; in Villeneuve’s 2021 version I got them right away. So it takes a while longer and needs some more exposition … so what? Wanna do Dune or The Simpsons? Good things come to those who wait. Herbert never had fuxn stupid 2021 Gen Z’ers in mind when he wrote his book. Maybe those movies aren’t made for the brainfuked kids of today neither? Ever thought about that, idiots?

That we haven’t seen much of Javier Bardem and Zendaya yet, is system imminent in the 2 or 3 part structure of today’s Dune. I guess we’ll see much more of them in part 2 … if that ever happens. :/ And here we have the main point of my criticism: Fukn Warner Bros should’ve produced Dune like New Line did it with LotR; shooting all in one continuous operation. And this is also what I criticise Denis Villeneuve for. He should have told WB that’s an all-or-nothing deal. He has quite a name in Hollywood, so I guess he could’ve won that poker gamble against Warner.

Stilgar 2021

As I mentioned earlier I watched the second time purely with my entertainment in mind, and I noticed … how fukn great that film truly is! No comparison with Lynch’s high school theater production. Not a single thing about Dune 2021 that wasn’t top notch.

And the most important: When sitting through it a second time I noticed how utterly entertained I was. Not as bored as the first time, but really engrossed in the plot, the scenery and the visionary cinematic style. And very well entertained!

Will probably watch it again later today. Dune (2021) is that good!

Chani high on Spice 2021


    • Oh yes, those things rock. It’s based on an old sketch of Leo daVinci. I have a similar thing in SL. Dunno if Frank Herbert did mention them in his novel. Would be neat.


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