Corona Diary: Day 572

Morning people

I hope you’re all doing tremendously well … so let’s dampen the mood a bit, shall we?

We all know that by now, particularly this late in the game, the vaccinations are nothing but expensive hocus pocus. But restaurant employees are considered frontline workers and are forced by law to be vaccinated in order to do their jobs and save their livelihoods. So isn’t it a real douchebag move to boycott a restaurant for proudly announcing that all staff is fully inoculated?

You know politics and politicians, you know how that shit worx, right? Once they got around and accepted the situation and decided on an action, they will stick with it. Doesn’t matter to them if they’re late or it makes sense or not. Now we got the law, we gotta stick with it.

Can you believe that was the sole “important” news I could find today. IOL doesn’t even seem to have the 3rd Wave subtopic anymore, so I guess it’s slowly time to wrap it up. Also this column of my bloggo. It was fun while it lasted but if the subject of a topic just disintegrates and becomes meaningless, why bother?

Of course I shall go on wearing my mask. Coz it’s the law and I wanna get into the stores. Not for (m)any other reasons.

Any of you guys still worried about the most dangerous pandemic evaaar? Still in line for your vaxxination? Or you done already? I know hubby and me just need to show up at the local mall and will be vacced 5 minutes later, so why hurry?

Be well, everybody.

cya laterz


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