*EDIT* Corona Diary: Day 570 *EDIT*


Why are they even still trying? On my YouTube start page I find only 2 videos about Covid-19, both academic talks nobody has the time to listen to, and on our local news aggregator IOL I’ll find one boring article about the upcoming elections and the next wave of Covid.


“While there will likely be some cluster outbreaks associated with campaign activities related to the elections, it appears unlikely that this will result in a resurgence,”

So? Why are you even writing an article about it? Either campaigning has a negative impact – and needs to be banned, or there won’t be any problems. Looks like everything is peachy. Even the experts say so.

Why doesn’t anybody, anybody with some weight and authority, tell us the truth? I mean the whole truth. Do I really have to get vaxxed, or can I leave the house without mask? Are you only trying to shame everybody into taking the jab because govt has bought too much of the expensive soup and you don’t wanna let it go to waste?

Covid-19 is fukn dangerous and everybody must be vaccinated … but when politicians go on campaign crusade to rub shoulders with the voters it’s not a problem. 😐

Phukk all that! And see you laterz


EDIT: Here’s an eye-opener for my Austro/German readers:

Leute, wir werden verarscht! 😮

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