Corona Diary: Day 569

Now will you look at this latest statistics?


Are they fukn kiddin’ me?

25 death, all of them surely tragic, sad and avoidable, and 25 too many buuut it’s (only) 25. 25! Twentyfuxnfive ffs!!! And South African govt just extended the National Emergency status. For 25 deaths? You have any idea how many ppl have been shot or clubbered to death in the same time? How many people died in car crashes, during childbirth, from cancer or heart attacks? The 25 Corona victims are a puny number compared to common causes, still no-one seems to even think about declaring a state of National Emergency until we’ve rooted out the speedracing-virus that leads to so much pain and suffering and a high death toll every fuxn weekend. Why not? If we can do it for Covid-19 why not for heart attacks, cancer and domestic murder?

Still! Not gonna unmask. This isn’t the fukn Divided States of America where maskwearing is an individual decision and often even forbidden but here it’s mandatory. And all the better for it. Until we get the “CLEAR” signal from WHO and/or govt I shall continue to do so. I was even thinking about getting another mask for the last few weeks/days but so far the last mask is holding up quite nicely, so I didn’t do it.

Also I’m grounded coz Oubaas is still in workshop so I couldn’t get out to grab a new fancy mask. 😐

Eventhough wearing your mask ain’t a critical measure for saving the planet anymore, we still do it. And if only in order to be let into the stores I guess wearing a mask isn’t as bad as getting banned or landing in jail or paying a hefty fine. Right?

Cya laterz


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