Corona Diary: Day 568


Only 1 truly exciting newness I got for you today:

It’s not like we’re just slowly, very slowly coming out of a gobal pandemic which cost millions of human lives, isn’t it? Obviously not, since the most pressing concern on most peoples minds is at what time they can return to the stadiums to watch the footy. :/ South Africans are a rather coldhearted bunch, dontcha think?

What else?

A lot of hogwash

And YouTube is … naw, not even watching those videos. Vaccines for 12 y/olds … mandatory testing. Sounds to me like they’re desperately trying to get rid of the surplus vaccines before the shit goes stale. And can we avoid a 4th wave? What a dumb question! As long as there are still humans on the planet it’s inevitable. But the real question is: How do we even notice there is a 4th wave? Does a 4th wave even matter?

Anyhoo, as long as the WHO doesn’t declare Covid-19 officially as finished, I’ll keep my mask on and follow common wisdom rules of avoiding infection. I sincerely hope you guys do the same. Better save than sorry and all that, right?

Cya latta



  1. Sadly there are idiots among us who will spoil it for everyone. One came to Tasmania a few days ago. It only takes one. He decided to escape hotel quarantine. Now we’re all in lock down. Stay safe, stay away from idiots 😉

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    • Zacly. God, do I hate i.e. the American freedom fighters stating that wearing a mask is an individual decision. 😦 No, it’s fukkn not! You freedom ends when you’re hurting others! Like the guy on your island. You think he did it on purpose? Or just idiocy, or both?

      Fortunately the fuxxn virus is on its last legs by now, so all the shit will be over soon.

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