Corona Diary: Day 466

Finally we receive new data from the SA Covid-19 front. And good news it is indeed.

If I were a dead person among the unlucky 37 I’d feel double-fuxxed now, playing only second fiddle behind the 2021 sardine run in a story about me and Corona. 😦

And indeed, the annual Sardine Run is a far better occurance than the fuxn pandemic!

Now that SA is off the UK’s red list of banned travel destinations …
… the maritime smorgasbord is re-opened …
… for naval predators …
… tourists …
… pedestrians …
… sharks …
… and paratrooopers!
Even giant floating mammals …
… and their smaller companions, everybody gets their fill.
Free sashimi for all!!!

Of course I shall go on wearing my mask in public, and I hope you’ll do as well. You know what still makes Covid-19 so dangerous? It’s unpredictable. The impact is different for different people. And it’s not just a question of age, no no. We’ve seen young and healthy sports people, whole families, oldies, youngsters being wiped out by the Coronavirus. And I’m not volunteering for testing its impact on little me. Of course I’m a fit middle aged lady, full of chi so nothing can happen to me! Really? I may have the wrong blood type, some weird hormones, some internal organs secretly conspiring against my physical integrity … one never knows. Not even science knows why some humans get infected and drop dead while, others hardly notice they are carrying the virus. Do I wanna find out the hard way? Fuk no!!!

Cya latex



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