Corona Diary: Day 465

Godmorgen kammerats og kæreste

Again no important Covid-19 newsnesses to be found but here we have an opinion piece by a Danish commentator:

Hm, yes, finally someone writes what I was was feeling for the last one-and-a-half years: What countries, what people need is information, not panic. I guess most of humanity has that certain survival instinct to do the right thing when shown how to. Show us how masks and sanitizers and social distancing and vaccines can help getting rid of the danger … and most of people would flock towards those solutions.

Give us laws and penalties and we start to rebel.

Simple as pancake.

The Danish are smart cookies. 😉

Danish are not just smart but also tastee! 🙂

Still, the examples of Trump, Bolsonaro and the UK govt are bad examples. All three are showing nothing but a clear and obvious failure of all involved. Coz if you think panic will send the wrong signals, ignorance is even worserer! 😮 I don’t believe that any of them had the best for the population in mind when they spouted their bullshit theories.

The Danish model worked in Denmark. And only in Denmark and other nordic countries of similar thin-spread populations. It would be a recipe for disaster in jam-packed western, African and Asian countries.

So interprete this article any way you wanna, but please take care of your own safety. No politician can tell you when it’s safe to mingle in stadiums full of sexy girls and gang rapists, only you can decide on that and if you wanna attend the party. 😉

Cya laterz


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