¡Hola compadres y cabrones, chicas y chicos!

Do we have any Espanol speakers among my readers? (Hi Tom)? I’m asking because I found this in my YT recommendations. Not the faintest idea why. 😐 A Second Life resident of obviously Spanish or South American descent, in a 3 hours long live-stream or sumfink? WTactualF?

Do you guys have any idea what’s it about?

She seems to have knack for making very realistic faces. But most of all am I astonished how one girl can talk more than 3 hours without a break, without even having a sip of water and wasting all the time with just standing around some shopping mall. Isn’t that, like, super duper boring? What was she doing? Did she buy anything? So many questions.

Oh, is she speaking Portuguese? Lucyyyy? A little help please …


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