Let’s Take a Look at Linux Mint 20.2

This guy … 😐

I’ve been looking to change my daily driver Linux distro, so today I’m taking a look at Linux Mint 20.2 and see if it’s up-to-snuff for me.

Uh, well, you distro hopping Linux expert. That 20.2 is nearly EOL by now and version 20.3 just around the corner didn’t stop and make you think about making a video about it? Okayyyy …

Apart from that, a brandnew n00b might find one or another helpful hint and trick in this video. That Linux Mint is Orca’s recommendation for new Linux users is no secret, is it? Videos like this one do just confirm my recommendation. Mint is really good, or as Bit Goblin says “certainly a fine OS”. And if Orca wasn’t in a mad love affair with some Archy types she’d surely computing on the Minty goodness herself. But of course on the grown up LMDE edition. ^.^

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