Corona Diary: Day 562


Jeezuz, phuk and Satan, this Covid-19 slowly wears me out. Have a peek with me at the latest local statistics if ya will, ok?

The numbers do fluctuate a little but all in all they’re showing a clear and obvious trend: Covid’s run its course and is on its way out! I mean 56 deaths is shit, and my heart bleeds for everyone of the victims but can we really speak of an epidemy any longer? Much less of a global pandemic?

And what are our govmts doing? With more than a full year delay they are now sooo fuxn over eager, they are trying to force the vaccination onto everybody! What are they trying to hide? Oy, fukkaz, you fuked it all up! We know. We’ve watched you while you were actively ruining your countries. Now pleez leave us alone and don’t force your hectic too little too late activism on us! YOU FUKKED IT ALL UP!!! There’s no denying it.

You should have sent us all into lockdown in time, instead of looking for a way to blame China for the pandemic. People were dying wholesale, and you, you unspeakable assholios were fighting for votes and trust from your citizens by blaming opther countries and stealing their facemasks. Instead of trying to keep the economy alive you should have done your utmost to keep the population alive. When I’m dying I’m not the least little bit interested in learning where the virus came from (Wuhan laboratory, paid by the USA as it turned out).

But no.

Like little scammers you tried to get away with the same old game of do nothing, get praised later. They are working on the later part right now. By forcing the majority of healthy people to take the nab (or else) they are trying to paint themselves in a positive light, appearing like the absolute fighters and winners in these demanding times. Forget it! We’ve all been there, every fukn stinkin day we watched the situation deteriorate, your half-assed non-solutions, the “great reset”, all the bullcrap you threw at us.

Yeah, EU council, European, American leaders, you’re all, like, totally my rolemodels. 😐

Stupidstupidstupid. 😦

Guys, I told you pretty early on that I won’t even participate in any of the shitshows they call democratic elections ever again. And I didn’t just say so. I stand by my word. Coz our wise leaders have made this fanatic democrat a non-voter. 😦 Coz non of you deserves the 2 seconds I’d need to unfold the ballot and do my X on it. Coz all activity you’ve shown during the pandemic was trying to secure your fair share of Phizer shares and help them along to even more profits.

What a shitshow. 😮

On the way to the bank …

Now y’all go away and have a nice day.



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