Oubaas’ Squeaky Brakes

Oy vey, the many trubbelz of owning a Frankenford. 😮

“…got to make other calipers as can’t get parts for yours.”
“Recon replacement top old bottom.”
“Old redoneded pistons”

Not that I’d understand much of this but my mecha is a hero if you ask me. He obviously looked around for fitting parts in Ford, GM, Mercedes, BMW and other manufacturer’s lists but wasn’t able to locate my brakes anywhere. Now he’s fabricating stuff himself. A hero of his trade, as I said. 🙂


    • Yeah, he’s one of the unsung heros of his trade. Also fixing what his neighbouring famous 8 Crate Garage have fukked up. He always says that nowaday’s mechas do only replace parts but don’t repair stuff properly.

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    • Naaw, not really. Only like 93%. 😉 That’s what you do in a restomod project. And of course slowly getting to the bottom of many old and well-known problems, finding and fixing new problems, plus the upkeep and maintenance. Don’t ask about the monetary and economical sense please. Oubaas and me, we left the path of reason already quite a while ago. 😐 Now it’s just about who’s will is stronger: Oubaas wanting to die or me wanting to save him from the scrapheap. Once I manage to retrieve some money from the bad panelbeater and painter we’ll have more funds to really invest into the campervan conversion.


        • Thank you Leenda, I hope so too. As my mechanic always says: “We’re getting there.” And indeed Ouby gets better all the time. Apart from reality ruining my plans. 😮 But that’s always a good opportunity to swap out old shit for new shit. ; ) Or at least get shit repaired so it’s good for the next 20 years. I knew Oubaas and me were destined to be together the moment I saw him on some workshop yard. I was on the way to look at some VW busses when this blast from the past caught my eye. And I was like “Mine!” ^.^

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