Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 11

Yes yes, I know, there is no stopping you Microsoft diehards from Windowsing until the final nail is hammered into Windows’ coffin. And for all I know, which is fukall, Win10 is a decent OS by Microsoft’s low standards. But please be warned against updating to Win11. There’s a number of reasons why you should refrain from updating, as Chris Titus will tell you in his latest video.

Looksee here:

I installed Windows 10 and 11 side-by-side and some of these changes are not good! Upgrade at your own peril.

Even more resource hogging, even less luxuries and, wurst of all, heavy performance decrease in gaming! 😮 Let your fellow bloggies know, please, did you upgrade already, how was your experience, is your Win11 slower than Win10? All comments go in the comment section below here.


  1. I’ve upgraded four computers to Windows 11. One met Microsoft’s new requirements for TPM and secure boot, the other three didn’t. The upgrade did not go well on any of the four machines. I had to do a clean install of Windows 11 and then reinstall my apps and games. Several apps and none of my games performed well on the upgrade, but after doing a clean install of Windows 11, and reinstalling my games and apps, everything works fine now.

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    • “I have 2 computers still on v8.1.”

      They’re prolly too old to fulfill Microsofts’s silly hardware requirements, no? Perfect. Put Linux on them and instantly become a more healthy, well-balanced person who can sleep without drugs. 😉


  2. I tried Windows 11 and later switched to Ubuntu. For gaming, I have installed Windows 10 on my other internal drive, which I boot only when I have to play some heavy games. Thanks to steam, that made many games playable in Linux itself.

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    • Yeah, Linux is making big strides on the gaming front right now. I have no clue since I don’t game but I’m hearing the most wondrous things about that side of Linux. I sincerely hope you find less and less reasons to spin up a Windows and stay on Linux for all the time. But why Ubuntu, if you don’t mind me asking?


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