The Difference

… between Windows and Linux powered computers is that …

Running since almost 6 days …

… you can leave your Linux machine switched on without becoming slower or confuserizered or crashy. MiniMax is in nonstop action now since October 2 when I powered it down the last time. Maybe an update demanded a restart or I was out and about. And I see no reason for shutting it off anytime soon since Oubaas is in the workshop approximately until Monday and I’m grounded. 😐

Getting itchy boots and ants in the ass. Gonna look for a moped now. Because, as much as I love Oubaas, I know no greater happiness than riding a motorbike.

This is zen! 🙂


    • Oh, you won’t believe how quickly you get adjusted to the scary aspect. Of course you can’t ride a motorbike with a cage-driver’s mindset but gotta be on your toes, alert and aware all the time … and read the road.


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