Top 5 Linux Alternatives for Windows 11

Here we go again, alternatives for Win11. 😐 Wot? Why? A huge majority of TSB! readers are save and sound on Linux and couldn’t care less about Microsoft’s silly antics, right? For the small little rest of stupid girls and stick-in-the-muds here’s your chance to finally join the light side and become jedi knights of computing.

Today I talk about a few alternatives for Windows 11.

You cleverer now, feel any smarterer? No, eh?

Right! Coz most of what he’s recommending for you is totally wrong. And he talks too much. Lemme tell you why:

You don’t know shit about komputahz! Come on, admit it. We won’t judge you but I’m gonna try to help you. You know just enough to get through the day on your Windows machine, which is perfect. Why would you know more? We have no idea how our toasters, washing machines and fridges work neither, or do we? Well, I don’t. They are appliances, just household helpers.

And I see no reason why a computer should be more complicated to use than you fancy schmancy microwave oven. And exactly for that reason the featured 5 alternatives are kinda wrong for you.

Come on, do I really have to tell you people again what I would recommend for your first steps in the Linuxverse? Ok, here you go:

Finally Mint got a new website design!

Download Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop, install it and be happy and productive and awesome immediately! πŸ™‚ Got questions? I hope I’ve covered them all in my in my series of which I linked you to the first part just above. Still got questions? Just ask away in the comment section underneath this blogstory and you shall receive help. Neil, Becca, Trap, Lucy and Orca are hanging around here and receive your SOS. πŸ™‚

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