Corona Diary: Day 558

G’day humans

Don’t get me wrong, pleez. I’m very aware of the still ongoing health crisis … BUT! it slowly gets boring reporting about all the same, meaningless numbers of infected and dead victims and the same stupid covidiots, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, politicians and similar human riff-raff.

So I only have 2 semi-interesting stories for you today:

Listen, Karen, we both are sceptic about the helpfulness of the vaccine but if you are a healthy person with no known allergies or anything, it’s not worth to refuse the jab … and lose your job because of it! Sorry, you are a shiny example of an covidiot!

These things I personally find disgusting. In America and Europe they use the vaccination passports for stronger surveillance of the citizens. That’s not ok! Not why I voted for you (LOL, I didn’t vote for any of the clowns in power now) nor what I pay my taxes for (LOL again, we don’t pay no taxes).

Not even on our most beloved action cam website do we get any real info. It’s all just opinions and politics and smoke grenades. 😦

Frens, don’t you, too, get bored by now? And tired of watching your fellow humans, the ones we assume our scientists and leaders, fail and fail harder and fail again? Well, I am! Buuut that’s still no reason to let our guard down, is it? To get sloppy and fail to wear our masks and refuse the sanitizing spritz at shop entrances. Coz these things don’t hurt, might even help, what do I know. So I ask you to adhere to all the rules and regulations – yes, even you Americans – in order to get this Covid shit done and behind us faster and more thoroughly.

For realz now: The day I go unmasked in public, I wanna be sure that Covid-19 is dead!

Cya fine people a bit later



    • Uh … err … none I guess. I hate cheerleaders, fukn stupid putas degrading themselves while cheering for boys. If you ask me what uniform I would wear, the answer would be ‘none’. But what part of today’s diary inspired you to think this little antifa anarchist is a totalitarian?


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