Microsoft to Support OpenDocument Format

And do you care? I don’t. Doesn’t matter to me since I’ve never had any problems opening Microsoft documents, neither in Open Office, nor its sucessor Libre Office, since those FOSS softwares are 99.9% compatible with Microsoft. That openness has never been reciprocated by high and mighty MS though.

Until now!

Obviously pressured by the growing number of individuals and commercial groups they’ve opened up to become compatible with FOSS formats.

Look what Tom has to say about that:

Microsoft has announced that the next version of Microsoft Office will officially support the OpenDocment Format 1.3 bringing it in line with FOSS office suites. You can read the announcement here:…

#MSOffice #LibreOffice #FOSS

Hey, does that mean the bad old Microsoft Office product will open itself up to the world of real computing … and become usable? Whoa!

Who cares?

MS is late to the party

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